Senior Compiler Developer

Our client is seeking a senior Compiler Developer to join their Research and Development team.  This is a REMOTE job, with occasional on-site meetings.


  • Work with a tight team of highly skilled individuals on their comprehensive programming environment and specifically on their proprietary programming language.
    • This language is the core of their product enabling rapid content production and efficient maintenance of very large code bases detailing real products and integration with associated business workflows to CRM and ERP systems.
    • The programming language provides an interactive and incremental development environment in conjunction with GNU Emacs. It is syntactically extensible and garbage collected and provides ultra-fast machine code generation or high-quality optimization through CLANG/LLVM.
  • Use past experience and creative approaches to solve the complexities and challenges surrounding compiler development and its related toolchain

Skills Needed:

  • Understanding of big picture goals
  • Strong understanding of and experience with
    • C++
    • Assembly
    • x86-64 machine code and architecture
    • GNU Emacs
    • Exception handling
    • Garbage collection
    • Virtual memory and related subjects
  • Background in Java and/or C# very helpful
  • Fast and fluent keyboard and Emacs artistry
  • Able to refactor and transform 200Kloc+ code bases without hesitation through sweeping changes to achieve higher level goals
  • Great communication skills

This company takes exceptional care of its employees with its welcoming and interactive culture.  They are looking for someone who enjoys a work/life balance and a friendly environment.

For more information or to apply, please send resume to